Outcomes and Objectives

Trend forecasting is first and foremost staying ahead of the curve by understanding consumer, design, market, and retail headwinds. Master forecasters create insightful reports and tools for their businesses, their customers, retailers and brands. Learn from the best in the industry today. During this four (4) week course, you will:

  • Build a strong foundation of best practices, strategies and innovations that effect trend forecasting.

  • Drive sales and brand growth with bold, accurate trend forecasting.

  • Create forecasts that are structured to have many uses and consider the business, brand, and external headwinds.

  • Develop awareness of forecasting’s hidden effect on cross-functional teams and the customer.

Curriculum overview

  • 1 | Forecasting foundation

    The fundamentals of predicting don't change even as consumers and market forces do. Analysis of relevant external, lifecycle, adoption and demand factors continue to form the framework of effective forecasts.

  • 2 | End use

    Not just for the design team, forecasts reach across brands and industries. To make effective forecasts for different users requires a focused consideration of elements like profiles, calendars, and planning tools.

  • 3 | Drive results

    Balancing brand positioning with business results is one of the most challenging aspects - but achievable. Explore innovations and forecasters' best practices and strategies to this end.

  • 4 | Building

    Forecasting can be an informal activity. Providing structure to research and reporting ensures you won't miss a sign. Themes in research, effective questions and saturation points are essential to understanding.

Trend Forecasting

Learn from the best in branding, fashion, and retail today.


The industry's professionals spend an average of 19 hours within the Trend Forecasting online workshop and have given it an overall score of 9.6 out​ of 10. One hundred percent (100%) of users said: "the course was worthwhile".
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