Outcomes and Objectives

It is the product which initially attracts professionals to a career in retail. What supports that product - from production to sales - is math. Driving business productivity is important to mastering the commerce of retail, luxury, apparel and fashion. A deeper understanding of the fundamentals will help any retail professional enhance their business, career, and skills.

  • Build a strong foundation in retail business calculations.

  • Work with and manipulate sales, profit and productivity metrics to achieve organizational goals.

  • Advance understanding of how retail math affects both the commerce and customer-facing aspects of the business.

  • Create a broader toolbox for making sound business growth decisions.

Curriculum overview

  • Fundamentals of analysis

  • Sales analysis

  • Costing and profit

  • Markdown management

  • Inventory foundation

  • Merchandise productivity

Retail Math

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One hundred percent (100%) of the industry's professionals said:​ "the course was worthwhile". Typically, you'll spend about 24 hours in the course over two months.
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